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2023 Report
The 2023 Year End and 2024 Challenge
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It is a critical time in our country. We have all learned from this past year that change must happen. Americans must get engaged and invested to make this happen. We need new leaders who expound gratitude and love for America and not the selfish greed and hate speech that is being forced upon us. These new leaders must base decisions on proven facts with sound research and unique common-sense solutions. No politically idealized solutions! We must make
our Founding Fathers proud.
CDLDU began in August 2020
with a preliminary assessment of the road transportation industry.
From the beginning, it was known that there was a huge problem with years of misplaced
intentions and unsuccessful approaches to organizing and educating the drivers existed. Drivers have been truly disenfranchised stakeholders!
They must be reinstated as the quarterbacks of the Delivery Team. From that moment in 2020, together with our key founding members, an investment of time, talent, and money brought about a truly well-thought-out and developed 4 Pillar Platform that will Level the Playing Field for Drivers and Small Fleets
We began our quest to turn around years of ignorance, selfishness, distrust, false statements, and counterproductive elements that have scuttled prior driver movements. Through our huge advocacy push, we showed drivers that their voices can be heard and yes, drivers can walk the
halls of Congress and State Houses. We proved that politicians and their staff will listen to potential solutions. Remember, no one likes to listen to complaints.
CDLDU Driver Accomplishments in 2023:
  1. A group of drivers (by themselves) met with the FMSCA and formally announced that we are stakeholders and will no longer be ignored. They presented CDLDU's Crash Analysis which demonstrated that Combination Truck Drivers are very safe when accident fault is taken into consideration.
  2.  Made friends in Congress and State Governments, and even exchanged cell phone numbers.
  3. Supported and Campaigned for Trucking Bills in Congress. (Drivers from across the country showed support through video testimonial.
  4. Gave a presentation to the Transportation Review Board (TRB), and factually presented that there is not a driver shortage. The industry is now using the report that shows there are 8 million active CDL Licenses in the USA. This presentation made a solid case that poor training, unfavorable working conditions, and inadequate compensation are the reasons for the high turnover.
  5. Founded the Driver Advocacy Network (DAN) which is soon to be the larges Constituent Action Group, in the industry. (Drivers will be holding elected officials accountable)
  6. Launched an industry-first Drivers Crisis Center, which is designed to provide support to ALL drivers in crisis and serve as a center point of resources available for help.
  7. Launched savings and health advocacy programs that are saving drivers and small carriers hundreds and thousands of dollars per year.
  8. CDLDU members are creating the first-ever driver-lead technology groups. (R&D from the CAB.)
  9. CDLDU launched the first-ever Presidential Candidate Pledge Campaign at Iowa 80, the World’s Largest Truck Stop with presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. He announced as president he would appoint a transportation expert to head the DOT and a person with trucking experience as head of the FMCSA.
  10. CDLDU launched the most advanced grassroots platform on three levels: Level 1. FREE Driver and Friends. Level 2. Pro Driver supportive ($15/mo.) and Level 3. politically active (DAN)
In 2023 we learned that it is amazing what drivers can do with Zoom, conference calls, and video recordings from their cabs assisted by a professional back office.
ive drivers and their support staff transported presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, by truck to Iowa 80 where he advocated trucker-friendly policies completing the first step in our Presidential Candidate Pledge Campaign. A much different approach than 50 to 200 trucks parked in DC, losing money honking horns
2024 will be a challenging year

When CDLDU is fully staffed, drivers will enjoy Driver’s Rights, Career and Business Mgmt., and Lifestyle Issues Support. Advocacy for driver’s rights costs money, it does not make money. The current membership fee is $15/mo. or $150/yr. The return on investment for our members largely outweighs their membership fees. To reach the first level of buying power and aggressively grow the DAN organization we will need a minimum of 10,000 members. This sounds like a huge number; however, taking inch by inch everything becomes a cinch. If you double a penny every day,
at the end of 30 days, you will have $5,368,709.12. WOW! An example of compounding that we will
use to reach 10,000 members.
CDLDU Membership Challenge
One New Supportive Member per month, per member. Thus, over the next 30 days you tell your story about how CDLDU is helping you, and just recruit one
member. You will recruit 6 people over the next 6 months and help your recruits do the same and bingo!
We have 10,000 members.
Text Jim, I’m in at 904-710-2884 so we know how to budget.
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